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Cellular (porous) cardboard

  • Lightweight, but strong enough to withstand the necessary transportation. Trays made of cellular cardboard can carry up to 1500kg weight.
  • Easily processed, it fits perfectly in the furniture industry in curved surfaces. Used as a shock-absorbing,insulating,protective material for furniture , windows, doors,stands manufacture and packaging.
  • Environmentally friendly ,because it is made of waste paper cardboard. Its wastes are recycled again.
  • Hole size – 10mm, 15mm, 21mm, 25mm
  • Height – from 8mm to 53mm
  • dimensions unstretched honeycomb (honeycomb brick dimensions) -1250x1600x58 (mm)
  • Minimum trimmed unstretched honeycomb band dimensions 1600x58x8 (mm)
  • Maximum trimmed unstretched honeycomb band dimensions 1600x58x53 (mm)

Cori strip stretching depends on the size of a hole. However, our standard dimensions are:

  • Smallest : 1200x2125x8,
  • Largest 1200x∞x53 (mm)


  • testliner from 140g / m2 to 200g / m2


Cellular cardboard panel is got by glueing the filler from the two sides with cardboard. We can produce parts of various sizes and dimensions:

  • Minimum dimensions- 10x50x8 (mm)
  • Maximum dimensions-1000x6000x2200